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ShooJewels are for Every Woman, Every Where

What does a tomboy growing up in a township in Cape Town South Africa know about jewellery design or fashion? Well, on the surface, not a lot. However, in a bid to make me into a girl, my father signed me up at one of Cape Town’s premier modelling agencies and I had a crash course into the world of fashion and ironically, owning my body and my place in the world.

At 15 I came to understand that clothing is not just utility, but when worn with inner confidence, you can stop traffic. That realisation was so amazing it changed the course of my life!

Fast forward twenty plus years and I am walking behind a lady who had unfortunately no longer any rubber on the heels of her stiletto shoes. She was dressed beautifully, but the sound of her un-heeled shoes made me feel bad for her. I have, and I am sure a lot of other women have too, been in a situation where I have either lost a heel or have forgotten that my heels were no longer fit for public consumption i.e. they make a noise when I walk. As I was making my way to my appointment, I was thinking, how could one “fix” one’s own shoes without taking it to the cobbler, like having a heel repair kit in one’s bag. Et voilà, the idea of ShooJewels was born. It took a lot of trial and error and some really bizarre conversations with my designers, but in the end, it was worth it.

ShooJewels™ can either be a repair kit or you can just slip them onto your shoes to beautify a pair of heels. Each collection has its own personality and depending on what your needs are; work, play or to strut your stuff, there are designs that will express this very eloquently. Changing the ShooJewels designs you will have an entirely new look while wearing the same basic shoe. These are the perfect shoe accessory companions to move from work to play or from play to work… ShooJewels is like having a perfect tan in the middle of winter.

Enjoy and please let me know what you think via my personal e-mail at


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